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Motivational keynote speaker, Roger Reece

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Motivational Keynotes

by Roger Reece

Open your next meeting or conference with a motivational keynote by Roger Reece. His inspiring keynotes cover topics including:

• Creating value
• Leadership
• Creativity
• Productivity
• Balanced living
• Teamwork

  • Goals & achievement
• Mastery over stress & time
• Positive attitude
• Perception and vision
• Customer care
• Sales performance
Set the right tone

Your opening keynote speaker will set the tone for your entire conference, so selecting the right speaker is an important step in assuring the success of the event. Roger Reece is a high-energy speaker, but he doesn't use hype. His style is down-to-earth, sincere and direct.

He's passionate about productivity, creativity, shared values and achievement. Select him as your opening keynote speaker and he will charge your audience with vision and enthusiasm that will remain with them throughout the conference.

Your closing speaker is also key to the success of your meeting. You want the event to end on a high note - one that will send each attendee away with a positive attitude and a new sense of purpose. Roger will consult with you to create an inspirational message that sums up the essence of your conference, and then applies it to a practical set of action steps.

A keynote and mini-seminar

Extend the value of Roger's keynote by adding a productivity or team-building mini-seminar to your agenda. A time-management, stress-management or communications seminar is a great way to add valuable content and variety to your program.

A team-building mini-seminar adds yet another dimension to your meeting, with fun and challenging group activities and games that teach teamwork and shared values. The activities are structured in such a way that participants catch themselves exhibiting behaviors that highlight areas where change is needed. Group discussions and one-on-one dialogues uncover new personal discoveries and insights. A welcome diversion from the tedium of conference information overload, a team-building mini-seminar will be greatly appreciated by all who attend.

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for information about Roger Reece's keynote presentations featuring his
alter-ego, Buford P. Fuddwhacker.

Roger Reece & Buford P. Fuddwhacker

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