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Training & Team- Building Seminars

Our seminars are informative, interactive and highly motivational. Each seminar is customized to meet the needs of your group, and includes a workbook with individual and group exercises.

Creating Value and the Art of Leadership

This seminar focuses on leadership skills and deals with issues such as encouragement, motivation, relationships, communications and conflict resolution as they apply to leadership and management. More on this seminar...

Time management training Creating Value through Effective Time Management

In this seminar, participants gain a new perspective on the "money value of time." Roger teaches practical time-management techniques for work and personal life, and uses interactive dialogues and group exercises to translate concepts and ideas into new, more productive behaviors. More on this seminar...


Creating Value by Managing
the Source of Your Stress

Roger explores the causes and effects of stress at home and in the workplace, and teaches participants to "own" their stress and then manage it. He provides a variety of tools and techniques for reducing stress and avoiding stress-inducing reactions. More on this seminar...
Stress management training

Training in interpersonal communicationsCreating Value through Effective Communication

Roger examines the common barriers to effective communications on and off the job, and provides new methods for detecting and removing those barriers. Participants gain new insights and understanding about their perceptual blind spots and learn active listening techniques. Through in-depth teaching and group exercises, Roger provides a means for looking at the world with new eyes and bringing new clarity to interpersonal communication.
More on this seminar...

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Creating Value through Assertive Communication

Creating Value through Conflict Resolution

Creating Value: Working Effectively with Difficult People

Creating Value through Relationship Selling

Selling skills trainingA complete training course in basic, intermediate or advanced selling skills (based on the current skill level of each group) with a focus on building and maintaining strong relationships. Modules on key-account management, consultative selling, and a long list of essential selling skills are customized to fit the needs of any company, industry or sales force. More on this seminar...

Creating Value through Goals & Personal Achievement

In this seminar on goal setting and achievement, Roger offers a practical approach to getting the most out of your work, your career, your relationships and your life. He focuses on dealing with every situation as it is, rather than as you expected it to be, and provides techniques for turning disappointment into fuel for success.
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Creating Value through Customer Experience Management

This seminar is designed to help participants take a good look at their customer interaction behaviors, through Customer service trainingthe eyes of internal and external customers. Roger focuses on the nature of empathy and the value of genuine customer care. Creative group exercises provide a fun and challenging interactive learning experience.
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Our seminars are about experiential learning, new insights and change. Our personal development assessments are a great way to expand the learning experience for each participant.

For more information about how DISC assessments are used in our training programs, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website.

Creating Value by Embracing Change

This seminar leads participants through new perspectives on how to embrace major changes and transitions. This highly interactive program deals with loss, expectations, and how to uncover and capitalize on the new opportunities brought about by any major change in circumstances.
More on this seminar...

Creating Value through Creative Thinking

Creativity is the driving force behind truly productive people. This seminar teaches participants to tap into their creative side and develop the creative process in their daily work. The course includes individual and group creativity exercises.
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Team Building Seminars

Team buildingOur team-building seminars are designed to foster a spirit of teamwork and to help individuals work more effectively as members of a group. The fun and challenging team-building exercises are great morale builders, and set up the whole group for gaining new insights into team dynamics. Each seminar is tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the group, and can include modules on:

  • Team membership styles
  • Identifying and clarifying team roles
  • Shared goals, shared values and interdependence
  • Problem-solving and decision-making within teams
  • Intra-group and inter-group conflict resolution
  • Inter-group cooperation and support

Your objective may be simply to engage your group in fun team-building activities, for the sake of socializing and having fun. Roger Reece is an expert at designing the right program to achieve the desired results.

Visit our Team Building Workshops website for more information.

Business Simulations

The dynamics of trust, conflict, communication and teamwork are played out in creative business simulations during our seminars and workshops. After each simulation, Roger conducts a debriefing session, during which experiences are discussed and compared with those of daily work.

Through these sessions, participants often experience significant breakthroughs in understanding, resulting in lasting personal growth.

Please visit the Activities page of our Team Building Workshops website for more information.

Contact us today to find out how you can schedule an in-house seminar or team-building program. Improve productivity, creativity and morale by investing in the most valuable resource you have: your people.

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