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Creating Value
through Effective Communication

This seminar will help participants become more effective communicators at work and in their personal lives. The program focuses on speaking and listening skills, empathy, resolving conflicts and building relationships.

Seminar Length: Two hours minimum. Full seminar: Three full days.

The seminar includes written individual and group exercises, group discussions, group activities and business simulations designed to create a highly-effective learning experience.

Please visit our Interpersonal Communication Workshops website for more information.

Seminar Topics:

  • How we create value through communication
  • The communication process
  • How do you know when effective communication has taken place?
  • Building self-esteem in yourself and in others through proactive communication
  • Interpersonal communication skills self-assessment
  • Communication styles
  • The role of perception in interpersonal communication
  • Active listening: seeking to fully understand the other person
  • Listening with open-ended questions
  • The role of expectations in interpersonal communication
  • Avoiding the “yes, but…” syndrome
  • Giving and receiving criticism
  • Justification, rationalization and smokescreen blaming
  • Proactively dealing with conflict
  • When and how to confront, intervene or escalate
  • The power of Yes and the power of No
  • What to do when you realize you were wrong
  • Planning and initiating overdue conversations
  • Communicating with your boss
  • Leadership and subordinate styles
  • How to effectively lead and participate in meetings
  • When to use written communication & when to meet face-to-face
  • Building your personal power and influence
  • Building trust and rapport with co-workers
  • Promoting teamwork, cooperation and collaboration
  • Giving and receiving compliments and positive feedback
  • The value of emotional support
  • The benefits of humor in communication


Participants in this seminar
will learn:

  • The value of clear, effective communication
  • To develop a keener awareness of the perceptions of others
  • To understand and appreciate the differences in their co-workers
  • How to effectively communicate with, understand and be understood by others
  • How to be more self-directed
  • How to increase the level of influence they have on others
  • How to reduce the stress they experience from difficult people and negative situations
  • New ways of deriving a sense of satisfaction from work



Who should attend this seminar?

  • Executive teams
  • Managers
  • Employees at all levels

The seminar can be customized to meet the requirements and the skill level of your group.


Creating Value

The purpose of business is the creation of value. When we as individuals examine our lives, we realize that our individual purpose as human beings is also to create value. But how do you measure value? People and businesses all use different yardsticks, but one thing is certain: the creation of value involves interpersonal communication. If we increase our ability to communicate effectively, we increase our ability to create value. In the process, if we can develop a vision for community and teamwork in our work and in our personal lives, we can leverage our communication skills to create maximum value.

An opportunity to learn and grow

This seminar was designed to increase the effectiveness of every participant as a communicator and as a team member. During the seminar, they will have the opportunity to step out of their daily work routines and look at how they communicate. The seminar will give them the opportunity to interact with other team members. They will enter into meaningful discussions about communication, teamwork and customer relationships that will result in a tremendous payback in their work and home lives for years to come.

Multiply the value of this seminar with a DISC Assessment

Everyone has his or her own communication style. DISC is a simple model for understanding communication styles and for adapting your style to more effectively communicate with others.

Prior to the seminar, each participant completes a survey and receives a 20-25 page report including:

  • An in-depth analysis of his/her communication style
  • Personalized communication tips based on his/her assessment
  • An action plan for improving his/her effectiveness as a communicator

The personalized reports, and group interaction based on the assessments, add tremendous depth to the seminar.

For more information about how DISC assessments are used to make our training programs more effective, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website.

The communication challenge

We often take for granted our ability to communicate. We use various forms of verbal and non-verbal communication in nearly everything we do, and we generally give little thought to the process. Communication, however, is both an art and a science; and it requires our full attention and consideration if we are to use it skillfully.

The fact is that the majority of the problems and conflicts we experience in our personal lives and at work stem from our failure to communicate effectively. Each of us lives in a very subjective world of individual perception. Every individual sees the world through a lens of subjectivity; and all input is filtered through that lens. In our interaction with others, we tend to assume that our words and actions are understood as we intended them. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work out that way. We misinterpret and are misunderstood, and don't often realize it until conflict arises.

In this interactive seminar, we examine interpersonal communication and customer relationships from different angles. Participants will learn new tools and techniques for communicating effectively and will have a lot of fun in the process.

Visit our Interpersonal Communication Workshops website for more information.

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