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Creating Value
through Assertive Communication

Seminar Topics:

  • The value of being assertive
  • The nature of assertiveness and popular misconceptions
  • Assessing your level of assertiveness
  • The fear of being assertive and the desire for harmony
  • Deciding to change and the determination to do it
  • You can’t always get what you want, but you can be more assertive
  • Understanding and developing personal power
  • Effectively integrating “No” into your vocabulary
  • The art of ethical persuasion
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Dealing with aggressive, controlling and manipulative people
  • Understanding and effectively using “I” messages
  • Making requests without being controlling
  • Forms of confrontation: when and how to use them
  • Preparing for confrontations
  • Being assertive with your boss
  • Learning to be authentic
  • Risk vs. reward: What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Story-telling and projection: avoiding the pitfalls
  • Self-image, self-esteem and the power of beliefs
  • Visualization and self-talk
  • Developing your personal action plan

Contact us to schedule an assertiveness seminar for your group.

This seminar will help participants to increase their sphere of influence and develop positive self-expression. Participants will gain a better understanding of how they may be sabotaging their success with passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviors. New tips and techniques will allow them to initiate positive changes through positive thinking and assertive behavior.

Please visit our Interpersonal Communication Workshops website for related information.

Seminar Length: Two hours minimum. Full seminar: One full day.

Participants in this seminar
will learn:

  • To identify their behavior styles
  • To identify and stop negative self-talk
  • To clearly differentiate assertive and aggressive behavior
  • To identify effective strategies for dealing with problems
  • How to reframe every problem situation and take positive action
  • How to confront and deliver direct and concise “I” messages
  • How to neutralize anger and resentment
  • How to handle manipulative people
  • How to proactively maintain clear and open relationships
  • How to replace old habit patterns with assertive behavior

Who should attend this seminar?

  • Executive teams
  • Managers
  • Employees at all levels

The seminar can be customized to meet the requirements and the skill level of your group.

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Multiply the value of this seminar with a DISC Assessment

Everyone has his or her own communication style. DISC is a simple model for understanding communication styles and adapting your style to more effectively communicate with others.

Prior to the seminar, each participant completes a survey and receives a 20-30 page report including:

  • An in-depth analysis of his/her communication style
  • Personalized communication tips based on his/her assessment
  • An action plan for improving his/her effectiveness as a communicator

The personalized reports, and group interaction based on the assessments, add tremendous depth to the seminar.

Please visit our DISC Training Workshops website for more information about how we can make your training program more effective with personality assessments.

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